Masonic Websites

Online strategies to engage Masons and non-Masons and to help them to become fulfilled as they make progress along their masonic journey

Masonic Websites

We create websites for Masonic organisations that provide a modern, fresh, online presence helping Provinces and Lodges meet the objectives of the Freemasons 2020 strategy.

We offer a range of options at varying levels of affordability depending on the requirements and budget of any organisation. Facilities available include;

  • Pre-designed and rapdid deployment
  • Online booking a payment for meetings and dinners
  • Full online calendar with integration to popular systems such as Outlook, Google Calendar or Mac
  • Secure, searchable Member Director
  • GDRP policy compliance
  • Email all members or groups of members
  • Subscription management via Direct Debit
  • Online shop
  • Embedded UGLE videos
  • Blogging and news feed with automatic reposting to Social Media

Masonic Communications

The Improvement Delivery Group (IDG) was set up in Summer 2016 with the objective of taking forward the initiatives begun by the Membership Focus Group (MFG). The IDG has been developing initiatives and leading the implementation and delivery of the strategy for Freemasonry to 2020.

The 2020 Strategic Objectives:

  • Effective governance at all levels; a Leadership Development programme; reviewing and revising the governance arrangements of Grand Lodge.
  • Improved attraction and retention of members, so that membership remains above 200,000; resignations before receipt of Grand Lodge certificate to reduce from 20 per cent to less than 10 per cent; and local media coverage to have incremental year-on-year growth of more than 20 per cent.
  • Developing the financial sustainability of our masonic halls.

The IDG formed six working groups; Governance, Leadership, Membership, Education, Masonic Halls and Image.

The Image Group, follows the Board of General Purposes’s Communications Committee. Its brief is to look at ways of enhancing the image of Freemasonry, both to masons and to non-masons. The image of Freemasonry is seen as key to its enjoyment and willingness to recruit the right people to join us.

The IDG is actively pushing forward the work of these groups looking at better ways of communicating with members, making better use of the membership information, and collecting the information that is missing.

Attracting New Members and Retaining Existing Members

Fundamental to both of these objectives is the creating of a strong online presence and the online engagement of both Masons and non-Masons to help attract new members and engage existing Freemasons on their journey.

Showcase Standardised UGLE Video Material

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